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Sri Lanka - Rituelle Masker - og Guden Ganesh

Cobra Mask - Wooden Mask from Sri Lanka
Dwi Naga Raksha, the Twin Cobra Devil, brings protection from all dangers.
Fire Mask - Wooden Mask from Sri Lanka
Gini Raksha, the Fire Devil, subdues enemies and brings friendship and harmony.

Peacock Mask - Wooden Mask from Sri Lanka
Mayura Raksha, the Peacock Devil brings peace, harmony and prosperity

In the hindu religion, the elephant head God Ganesh is also known as Ganapati, Ekadanta, Vinayaka, Heramba, etc. He brings joy and happiness to the family and may remove all the Obstacles. Innumerable crowds praise this benevolent Lord all over India. He is always worshipped first in temples and private houses. Less known tantric practices are also known. Visiting India, going to temples provides auspicious opportunities to get a first experience aiming to learn and to understand... Foto fra Sørens bryllup 080808.

The birth of Ganesh
Each Purâna reports a different story to narrate the birth of the god Ganesh. Some legends tell that he was born from the Shiva spirit (mânasika putra) ; others, in fact most of them (Vâmana-Purâna, Matsya-Purâna, Skanda-Purâna), Ganesh is the creation of Pârvatî .
In certain vishnuït stories, Ganesh is considered like a Krishnâ embodiment.
According the very well known Shiva-Purâna version, the Shiva's wife, Pârvatî the Mountaineer, was disturbed once by her husband who entered the house, even though she was taking her bath.
The goddess felt annoyed, because she didn't have any personal servant to guard her door. So, she rub her body skin and, with the perfumed unguents obtained, she molded the shape of a young boy, as glorious as daylight. Then, she granted him life and named him Ganesh, ordering that he should be on guard in front of her house.
When the child intended to impede the great god to enter the house, Shiva enraged, transformed himself in his Rudra form and requested the to attack Ganesh. In the battle, Ganesh got his head cut off.
Ascertaining the incommensurable disaster striking her son, Pârvatî was inconsolable. Unable to find the child head, Shiva grafted a elephant head on the dead body and gave him life again. Trying to repair his big mistake, he recognized Ganesh as his son and empowered him on all his servants; so he became "Ganapati".

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